Systems Installations

We generally do the system installations on all boats we build, time permitting, and have done refits as well. Here are pics of some of our work. This is the fuel system in the generator room on the 72’ Island Express III.


On some of the other boats mentioned, I have done systems installations as well, such as the 65' "Island Express".                               

I also designed most, and installed all systems including electrical, electronic, water ballast, plumbing, and mechanical on the Rodger Martin Class 40 "Gwaihir", built by Al Fresco Composites, designed to race around the world.IMG_0556-1

I have helped Al Fresco out with other projects as well, such as "Highland Fling X". They moved the canard rudder aft, while I dealt with the necessary electrical and hydraulic changes.                               DSCN2830

While working on these boats and repairing systems on many older and traditionally rigged boats, as well as my own, I have run across more than a few interesting challenges allowing many learning opportunities.