T4 is an 88’ carbon sailing yacht which is being built in Anacortes, WA. I was brought in by the on-site designer, Jim Donovan, to do the major composite work such as the hull and keel box after an issue with the original builder. I turned the mold into an oven, and with the advice and help of Ted Brown, the outer skin (pre-preg carbon) was a success. From there I used some of the builder’s crew to install the foam and inner skin. Here are pics of the mold/oven.

This is the raised roof of the oven following the shape of the mold.


The bow will be built as a separate piece, and this door was used as our access hole for final prep.


The heater’s hoses were led to different points around the interior to provide the best circulation of hot air. Fans inside the mold, as well as venting, were also used to equalize the temperature.


This is the 12’ tall keel box for the lifting keel, inside it’s oven. It is also built of pre-preg carbon, though solid. It was built in three cooks as the final thickness was just over an inch. As in the hull, thermocouples were attached to track and record the cook.