schooner "America"

The schooner "America" is a hybrid with a traditional rig and more modern hull shape below the waterline. Above the waterline, she was built with the intention of replicating the historical schooner "America" that won the Isle of Wight race and took the Hundred Guinea Cup which became the America's Cup.  

She was run aground in '99 coming out of Buzzard's Bay and I had the unexpected job of supervising her repairs. Her hull was built very solid, her weak points being her keel located fuel tank. There were a couple areas like the one below in which the outer layer of wood needed to be replaced, but very minimal damage, considering she lay on the rocks overnight.  

Scan 101840022                                           As you can see, the keel tank did not fair as well. Scan 101840024                                           

After her repairs we brought her to Norfolk where the climate was a bit friendlier, as it was January. We had a tug break the ice for us on the way out of the harbor.

 Scan 101840029                                           Sunrise on an icy deck.

Scan 101840034

Years later, when my sister was the captain, the boat was bought by a west coast interest, and I was brought in for the delivery. She was safely and quickly brought to San Diego where she is based out of now. Here she is in Herradura Bay, Costa Rica.

DSCN2105                                   "America" Is an interesting boat, with perhaps an undeserved history. It is my hope that someday she receives the budget she deserves and becomes a world class yacht.