"Island Express"

"Island Express" was built in conjunction with Gold Coast Yachts in St. Croix in an effort to build it as quickly as possible while keeping the cost relatively low. I built the mold, hulls, and parts. These were then sent over to their assembly shop where the boat was brought to paint and then launched by them. Once in the water, I installed the electronics along with some finishing touches. Below is a series of pictures showing the process. The first two shots are of the plug being built and faired.



Here is the glass loaded on the plug, ready for infusion.


The mold finished and turned with the plug partially removed.


An infused hull, ready for removal.


A carbon fiber deck panel being infused.


A hull being removed from the shop, headed to Gold Coast's assembly shop.


The "Island Express" being launched.


This is half of her weight.


"Island Express" in Panama.


Though not quite as efficient as the 58's a 43's, the "Island Express" is still in the gallon per mile area at 22 knots carrying 65 people. She is air conditioned and electronically controlled with many of the toys that would normally be seen on yachts.