"Flyin' Fish" and "Reef Express"

"Flyin' Fish" and "Reef Express", two 58' power cats, were both built at Robbie's boatyard on Stock Island, next to Key West. They were USCG certified for 49 passengers, and "Reef Express" still works in Key West and is a simpler version designed entirely for head boat chartering, while "Flyin' Fish" has a more "live aboard" friendly interior while still maintaining the required seating. This shot is of the "Flying Fish" shortly before removing her from the shop.

ready to pull from shop 

 Here are two shots, finished and ready to launch.                                                   DSCN0554 


The bow nets and boarding ladder which is foam and glass construction.                                              

boarding ladder and nets                                      The aft deck of "Flyin' Fish".

DSC_0068                                            A shot of the interior of "Flyin' Fish". DSC_0031                                         "Flyin' Fish" at the dock, with the bows of "Reef Express" just in the picture. DSCN0582

These boats are extremely efficient charterboats and are best used as snorkel boats that provide fantastic whalewatching potential due to the upper deck.  Because of the forward boarding ladder, they also allow beachloading capabilities. After making an arrangement with the owner, Gold Coast Yachts now has in their possession the hull mold I built in Key West. They offer this boat on their website advertising with pictures of the "Reef Express".