Composite Construction

Our current project is a 20 passenger, 36’ USCG inspected vessel destined for the Florida Keys. It will use an inboard electric drive system designed by Torqeedo. This boat is almost completed and will be on it’s way to Key West in a couple months. 

The previous project is a pair of 54’ catamarans. This required moving the shop from the Washington State to Costa Rica. One vessel was built for a client in Panama to run as a ferry to the Las Perlas Islands, the other for my brother and I which is now operated out of Los Suenos marina as Costa Cat cruises.

IMG 1824

The project before that was a 72’ power catamaran designed as a passenger ferry. It was built to USCG passenger vessel specs, though it was also intended for use in Panama as a ferry from Panama city to the Las Perlas Islands. 

on blocks

Prior to that, I was heavily involved in the recovery of an 88’ carbon sailboat project. I turned the hull mold into an oven, and we then built the hull inside. We were able to hit the proper ramp rate and cook the pre-preg carbon at almost 200 degrees for hours. I then built a keel box for the lifting keel and moved on to my own project mentioned above. 


I have also built two 58' infused foam and E-glass power catamarans,                                          

two 43' infused foam and E-glass/carbon power catamarans,                                        and a 24' power catamaran. This includes molds, all construction, and systems installations. 

Other projects include building the mold, infusing the hulls, and building all parts for another 65' infused foam and E-glass/carbon power catamaran (Gold Coast Yachts assembled),                                                                    

parts for a 33' power cat,                                                

the interior and all systems for a 52' wood/epoxy schooner   

and my own Reuel Parker schooner, Glance.

There have also been small projects such as two 24' infused foam and glass Hawaiian canoes along with an 18' canoe mold. 

These projects, as well as the repair of many composite vessels, including the schooner "America"                 

and many Gold Coast boats, have given me a broad knowledge of composite construction and a large amount of time saving experience.

deck of glance
almost ready to launch