Left Coast Composites

Left Coast is a composite construction company now based in Monterey Bay, California, at Moss Landing Boatworks. We are largely focused in the marine industry, but have  an interest in using the technology we have developed for broader applications.  Projects range from carbon dingy davits to 72’ passenger ferries. Our facility in Moss Landing has both a travelift and wide ramp. The shop is currently 58’ by 55’, expandable to approximately 100’. We also have a shop in Santa Cruz, Ca, for parts and small projects and a 100’ X 33’ shop in Herradura, Costa Rica as well. 

We use modern methods such epoxy infusion and pre-preg carbon.  These processes allow for the lightest and strongest composite construction currently available. The benefits of pre-preg are well known. Epoxy infusion has several advantages when done properly by a builder who has 17 years developing the process. The man-hours and waste are dramatically decreased which translates to savings for the client and minimal environmental impact.  Our parts and hull samples have been tested by independent labs with excellent results and have proven their longevity in extreme environments. 

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